Monday, February 17, 2014

HopeKids Baseball Clinic

 By Peggy.

We are part of a marvelous charity called HopeKids.  

They provide memorable outings, concerts, tours and events to families with children who are suffering from a life-threatening illness or condition.  Essentially HopeKids functions as party planners.  They take care of everything for moms and dads who are wading through in-patient stays, medical bills, consults, and the unending care of a sick child, or the grief of losing that child last month or years ago.  HopeKids offers a community to families who now have a new normal.  

And they work with so many caring and giving groups here in the Valley. 

Whether it is Valley Youth Theater's energetic dress rehearsals, Ballet Arizona's Angel Nights, Harkin's Cinema Saturday Movies, Bumble Bee Ranch Day,  Whispering Hope Ranch Retreat, Watoto's beautiful testimonies set to dance and song, or our favorite Notre Dame Prep's HopeKids Festival, we have been able to enjoy family time at no expense to us while breaking away from the routine of care to have fun and make friends.

This latest outing was a new experience for us.  And we had a blast!  

This weekend we were invited to the Pinnacle High School Baseball Clinic just for HopeKids.  And it was a perfect day with perfect weather.  It felt like we were at spring training!

Estelle brought her bat that she got for Christmas.  (Sam custom-lathed a bat and burned her name into it.  It is the coolest gift!)   Estelle loved being at bat.  She did not want to do any catching or play in the scrimmage game. And she loved running the bases!

Esra was all set with her powerchair and cute engineer hat.  She loved telling all those young men where to go and what to do!  They were so patient and friendly with her.  She was in heaven!

Besides the baseball team, their coaches, the HopeKids and their families there were no other staff or parents present from the team.  There were no spectators or media.  

I was told that team try-outs had just finished and the new team was just announced.  The HopeKids clinic was their first time a new team together.  They forgo their first practice and use the time with the HopeKids as a their first team-building event!  

The boys are not rewarded with extra credit or service hours either.  This was purely a compassionate service.  

What a day.  We were surrounded by great people doing good things and hard things.  We are blessed.

Thanks, HopeKids and the Pinnacle High School Baseball Team, for making a great memory with us! We are so glad we went.


kathryn welch said...

What a great idea and a great opportunity to help these kids.

kathryn welch said...

A great chance for these kids....